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Anti-Oxidant Nut Trail Mix – NutNut 25g


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Anti-Oxidant Nut Trail Mix by NutNut

Inspired by a mother’s all-time favourite recipe, we stretched ourselves further on the journey of perfecting the Nut Nut Anti-Oxidant Trail Mix. Here’s our very proud iteration of superfood blend of nuts, seeds and dried fruits; and we welcome you to board with us on this flavour packed adventure. We promise munches and crunches of warm hearted goodness; to stay healthy, stay nourished, and to stay energized.

We insist on not adding artificial preservatives, colours nor flavours to the Nut Nut Anti-Oxidant Trail Mix. There’s no way we would offer something we despise. We cherry picked each and every of our ingredients very carefully. For some flavour kicks, the blend is sprinkled with adequate amount of Himalayan salt for toasting, and a Cinnamon Australian Maple Syrup mix for a wholesome coat of sweetness.

We spent countless hours arguing among ourselves, our alter egos, and street grabs to finalize this list of what we feel could proudly bear the “Antioxidant” name while packing nutritional goodness. So if you care, here’s why we have decided to include them into our recipe.

Details & Features

  • Anti-Oxidants
  • Low Calories Nuts
  • Digestive Support
  • Workout Recovery


Weight may vary due to settling and moisture.