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Promote perspiration Weight loss always result in sweat boosting via body detox of heavy metals, elimination of chemicals and body bacterials.

Increase Metabolism rate Special tech fabric that boost the heat circulation on body parts to induce greater basal metabolic rate. This encourages the number of calories you burn at rest.

Enhance Fat burn and body heat circulation Y1 receptor of the molecule neuropeptide Y (NPY), which helps our body regulate its heat production, could increase fat metabolism and prevent weight gain.

Highly Sweat Absorbent Our fabric actively absorbs and dissipates sweat away from your skin while retaining heat for fat burn so that you feel ultra comfortable, dry, focused and efficient at your workout.

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Chan wei yen
The heat massage not bad, but packaging can be improve..
Hong wei tat
本人膝盖已通很久了。。因为dato tony推荐所以尝试看看
Cindy see yen ting
Ang kit weng
Ordered yesterday and receive today, excellent service. Just tried on my injured left knee that im struggling with the pain for years, the pain get relief a lot! Im very satisfied with the result and your service. Thank you so much
Always my best partner while i pergi hiking, berpeluh byk tp comfortable
After 2 weeks times 😄😄
Like the essential belt alot, everytime after i take off the sweats superb and i can feel its hot for the cili essential. This absolutely great product and worth 5 starsss
Lee kee meng
Very very fast deliver and product quality is very excellent ! worth the money
Atiqah Bt
sgt berpeluh dan comfortable ! soft snug sweats pants dan armshaper dia ni mmg surprise i ! sgt suka pakai ke jogging with my family, recommend to my other members too
I saw my friend wear this brand sweats pant and she burst out of sweats, at first i could not believe this will work that crazy until i try myself 😂 the result far beyond my expectation
Love their products, helps me sweats alot and yet comfortable. And always looks good in wearing soft snug product to my workout
Evangeline BL Sal
Until now still have not got my order, can you provide me your whatsapp number please ??
cecilia Yew
i have worn the pant and waistband to the gym and the sweating is awesome, the pant felt warm even when touch at the outside burning is there but is doesnt iritate or make your skin feel itchy. i have never sweat this much when exercising. i have high hope in this product. the pants it self when worn feels great doesn't feel tight or make u feel out of breath. at first when receive i thought would be too small cos i normally wear L but M turns out to be just fine. planning to buy short pants soon.
Lee SP
Good material, comfortable and fit well.
This is my 2nd time purchase Softsnug. Really good to break a sweat while excercising. Love it❤️.
Great product ! Lots of sweat and super comfortable
I love the pants & waist belt . I thought I would feel Extremely hot in these products but that was not the case . I feel pretty normal and comfortable in it . When I remove the pants I was so surprised to see how much sweat there was . I was actually sweating without realizing it even while wearing it at home. When I went out for a walk, it’s even more sweat . What a great product !
Love it!
Express delivery and very happy with the product so far. Hopefully, the result will come soon. I find it very comfortable and good quality
This product is SUPERB! I have 3 soft snug thermal pants, i like the sweat, i wear 24 hours .. hahaha... too good to feel good.
Natalie Chee
I been wearing soft snug since 6 months ago, its gives me really sweats alot compare to nike brand. I always wear at home or workout and i lost my weight from 102kg to 89kg, thank you for this amazing product soft snug, this is my best rating ever among all the slimming products that i had tried so many years.
My third purchase. Loving it 🥰
The best product ever, really help me to get sweats! It comfort too. Need to purchase one more, so i can wear it everyday