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GINGER CHILLI | Workout Booster

Ginger Chilli  combines the best of both ingredients to helpsboost metabolism and reduce inflammation, plays an integral part in fat loss and post workout recovery. 


Fat Burn

GINGER | Workout Booster

Ginger is an effective ingredient in boosting metabolism which results in efficient calorie burning during and after your exercise. With it’s anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties ginger is also proven to support overall wellness and to achieve ideal body shapes. 



CHILLI | Workout Booster

Chilli is proven to be able to elevate metabolism and fat burn during and post exercise, by encouraging efficient sweat boost to remove excess water from the body. Additionally, it possesses other potential health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and  improving heart health. 

Remove excess water

Sweat Boost


Our Essential Tech Fabric uses state of the art technology in integrating layers of S Grade EPDM heat tech materials to provide seamless biomechanics support with unrivaled comfort. Coupled with essential oil infusion, you are guaranteed to outperform during workouts. 

LAB Test & Utility Patent

Soft Snug takes safety tests as priority in all our products. We have extensively seek industrial leading tests to challenge and prove our products are made to the pursuit of our excellence. 

SGS Lab Test

Utility Patent

No Animal Testing

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Fueled by a passion for innovation since 2013, we endeavor to infuse our fabrics with cutting-edge technology and performance-enhancing capabilities. Our relentless pursuit of excellence ensures that our customers receive nothing but the best in terms of both effectiveness and experience


Natelie Chee

I been wearing soft snug since 6 months ago, its gives me really sweats a lot compare to nike brand. I always wear at home or workout and I lost my weight from 102kg to 89kg, thank you for this amazing product  soft snug, this is my best rating ever among all the slimming products that I had tried so many years.

Softsnug Arm & Bottom bundle (Top Sales)


Like the essential belt a lot, everytime after I take off the sweats superb and I can feel its hot for the cili essential. This absolutely great product and worth 5 starss

Softsnug Waist & Bottom bundle (NEW)


After 2 weeks time 😃😃

Softsnug Waist & Bottom bundle (NEW)

Hong Lee Ping


Softsnug Arm & Bottom bundle (Top Sales)

How To Wear

Leisure Activity at Home: 10 – 12

Sleeping Hour: 8 – 10

Office Hour: 8 – 10

Shopping / Outdoor: 5 – 6

Hiking: 3 – 4

Yoga/Pilates/Gym/Jogging: 1 – 2

Where To Wear


House / Office

Hand Wash
/ Wash Inside
Laundry Bag

Do Not Bleach

Do Not Iron

Do Not Dry Clean

Dry Flat


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