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Promote perspiration Weight loss always result in sweat boosting via body detox of heavy metals, elimination of chemicals and body bacterials.

Increase Metabolism rate Special tech fabric that boost the heat circulation on body parts to induce greater basal metabolic rate. This encourages the number of calories you burn at rest.

Enhance Fat burn and body heat circulation Y1 receptor of the molecule neuropeptide Y (NPY), which helps our body regulate its heat production, could increase fat metabolism and prevent weight gain.

Highly Sweat Absorbent Our fabric actively absorbs and dissipates sweat away from your skin while retaining heat for fat burn so that you feel ultra comfortable, dry, focused and efficient at your workout.

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Natalie Chee
I been wearing soft snug since 6 months ago, its gives me really sweats alot compare to nike brand. I always wear at home or workout and i lost my weight from 102kg to 89kg, thank you for this amazing product soft snug, this is my best rating ever among all the slimming products that i had tried so many years.
bad service ! whatsapp and facebook got no customer service entertain me !
After 2 weeks times 😄😄
Like the essential belt alot, everytime after i take off the sweats superb and i can feel its hot for the cili essential. This absolutely great product and worth 5 starsss
I have a serious edema problem which caused my joint pain. I bought a few sweat products through a friend's recommendation and wore them for 3 weeks. My edema needs to be improved. The weight has been reduced, and the joint and knee problems have also slowed down. Love soft snug
star ling
This is introduced to me by my friend, I like his fabric very much, it is not thin, and it is very warm when worn abroad Comfortable to wear all day.
Alya Azman
Berpuas hati sangat. So far brand ni yg pernah saya pakai paling berpeluh dan selesa 👍
Hui Min
After wearing it for a month, I found some stubborn fat in my body. My thighs, arms, and back are not so hard, is turn soft. My instructor said that this is the effect of fat burning in the body, and I need to continue to work hard to achieve a more ideal body shape.✌
The sweat power is very good, and it will not be stuffy. I wear it at home in the morning and sleep at night. the effect of reducing edema is particularly good.
The sweat power is very good, and it will not be stuffy. I wear it at home in the morning and sleep at night. the effect of reducing edema is particularly good.
Thong Ning
收到了暴汗裤和手臂塑身衣。尺寸非常适合我 😍 喜欢
didn't expect the pants to be very elastic is so feasible wearing for zumba, and there is no problem with doing some huge movements. I didn't sweat for 10 minutes, which was several times more than usual. After exercising and sweating, people are very energetic, and can sleep very well at night. Thanks Soft snug
Penghantaran cepat Memang terbaik Very useful and comfortable
Ally Tan
This Thermal sweat pants don't feel hot at all but sweat a lot! The pants are all wet. I'm person who difficult to sweat. I love this one.
Bowie Poh Li
Nurul Farhani
the pants & waistband is comfortable and doesn't roll down during intense workouts
I have edema problem, and my edema has improved! I lost weight since wearing soft snug sweat pants, thanks to soft snug 😊
Wong Sandy
overall, I am very happy with my purchase of these slimming products and would recommend them to others looking for warmth and comfort.
Siew Ting Teo
比想象中的更柔软。不会太难穿上。。穿着感觉刚好贴身是舒服的 赞赞
Queeny Yap
pants are perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and camping. super comfy!
These pants are a great value for the price and are made with high-quality materials
These pants kept me warm and cozy during a particularly cold winter
Tan Minmin
Linda Goh